Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Struktura vodyHow much information the internal structure of water can possibly receive, store and transmit is the subject of discussion of many scholars today. If we accept the idea of prof. Tom Stonier, a leading British expert on information systems, the structure is the result of free information on the matter and that the organized matter represents information , and when taking into account the fact that most of the so-called healing or miraculous water with its chemical composition does not differ from other commonly available drinking water, although their effects are often obvious, we should take the potential information content of water seriously.

Struktura vodyIt is necessary to look for the possible nature of the transmission and temporary storage of the information in the internal structure of water in the physical level of water, for example at the level of the molecular clusters, i.e. in areas nanoworld. It is true that the bonds between water molecules have a relatively short life, on the other hand, vacancy in supramolecular structure immediately takes another water molecule and the lifetime of the cluster as a whole can be quite long.

At the same time it is necessary to consider the fact that water might be "just" a more or less perfect mediator of information, depending on its internal state, i.e. something such as a television signal, only in liquid form. In that case it would not be an obstacle that water is not able to store their information structures for a long time, because that would not even be relevant. Water would be "only" the agent through which the information flows. It can be said that such a model is consistent with the notion of water as a mediator between spirit and body, between heaven and earth. Then we should strive to ensure that the water is a good and perfectly tuned carrier of information.

To conclude:
Mobility and vibrancy of water molecules their ability to occupy space in often a very elaborate structure leads us to the notion that these structures mediate information. Perhaps they also function as a model for the formation of structures with greater durability - amino acids, proteins, DNA, etc. - the structures formed by denser particles mass. After all, that might be the way life could have arisen on our planet. Why would not it be sustained in the same way?

Struktura vody a informace

If the internal motion in the water is halted, its internal stucture maintained by continual motion collapses at the same time. The water is in reality and in natural conditions continuously restructured! Due to this ongoing restructuring formations with higher stability and information content survive more easily, as already mentioned in the first chapter about regular icosahedrons; similar to natural selection, in which only the fittest individuals and stable forms of life survive. Similarly, if a person stops moving adequately for a long time, his body wither and sicken. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to procedures how to help water overcome obstacles in its way, often unconsciously, put by the man and his civilization.

Struktura vody