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       Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Water is revitalized via equipment that is installed in the water distribution. Equipment is based on purely physical, hydrodynamic principles when water flows through the chambers and passageways that are specifically arranged.

This principles transfer part of water molecules power. Kinetic energy of the water flow is passed to positioned energy of water molecules.
We call this action water structuralization - because energy rebuilds, creates and makes bonds in the internal water structure strength*.

Each product line for water revitalization is different - in design, efficiency, complexity of the technology, material resistance, internal and external surface modification , etc.

We recommend that you discuss your choice of water revitalization unit with your supplier or with us. There are a lot of things to consider for the best choice, e.g. for appropriate efficiency we need to know the real flows more than just the diameter of pipes.

All our products can operate independently or as part of a cascade of water treatment system.

AQUA SANATURA® equipment for water revitalization:

  • it uses only natural energy of water flow
  • is nonmagnetic and without electricity
  • does not add or take out any water components or substances
  • has no requirements on maintenance and service (unless specified otherwise)
  • 5-year guarantee is provided (life expectancy of the equipment is several decades)
  • is developed and produced only in the Czech Republic - it is a Czech product
  • is tested in specialized development and research centers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Liechtenstein and the Slovak Republic
  • s made of stainless steel and has been certified for use with drinking water in ITC Zlín laboratories

* Some physical characteristic of water is changed - such as the polarity of the solution, the degree of solvation (hydration) of dissolved substances - even those inserted after adjusting the water activity of dissolved ions and molecules, gas solubility, etc.