Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Water is an integral part of all living things - without it, life on our planet would be impossible.

Although the chemical and microbiological safety of water is now closely monitored and ensured wherever possible, the significance of purely physical quality of water for all living things still escapes.

Význam fyzikální kvality vodyData obtained from the chemical analysis of water - as part of the analysis of water - however important and valuable information ti is not in itself able to affect the behavior of water in the environment. Using sports terminology for illustration, methods of traditional analysis are able to document (count) how many players are on the field but can not evaluate their distribution and activity - or the actual quality of the game. Similarly, from a medical point of view, water analysis can be compared to post mortem findings of the deceased man which, however, says nothing about the previous life of the person.

Good drinking water is able to refresh person’s body and spirit. Similarly, water ready to bathe in. We cannot put up with only wholesomeness here. It is only from manifestation of moving water that we can conclude if the water can pass something from its living mobility to us or refresh us. Indeed, the mobility of water influences the mobility of our body and our mind. On a European scale, this holistic view of water is nowadays developed especially in German-speaking countries, on the world scale especially in Japan, Russia and the USA. The topic has been discussed thoroughly in these places. Among the first serious purely scientific results of the holistic exploration of water established into practice is the method for drip painting developed by the Institute for Flow Research in the German Herrischried (see laboratory tests). Also at the time of the interaction of water with the newly supplied substance we may observe higher or lower mobility of living water - water willingness to re-structure and result in a more or less stable and active structures.

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Physical chemists have until now thought that the problem lies in the degree of dilution or concentration of the solution. But this is only part of the truth. Until now, the aspect of the influence of the structure of aqueous solution on activities in participating components has been completely neglected.

It is important to realize that even in an unchanging concentration of substances in aqueous solution qualitative changes in its structure can be achieved by activating the solution (revitalization, ie physical recovery) and thus increasing its efficiency of all its components. In the case of certain vitamins or minerals by tens of percent.

What are the real life experiences? For example, different forms of a structure formed between the water and the dissolved CO2 is cause of a different type of sparkle drinks even if the concentration of CO2 remains unchanged. In practice, we know soft sparkling wines produced by natural fermentation method in comparison with somewhat coarser sparkling wines prepared artificially (classical wine saturated with CO2). The other example is the 12 ° properly brewed beer and ale originally with higher gravity, which is then diluted with water and aerated CO2. Beer expert can tell the difference, although in the standard analysis the content of substances in two samples will not differ from each other at all.

Význam kvality vody