Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Widely recognized and crucial importance of water for all living things is in stark contrast to the state of physically weak and often also chemically polluted water. This is mainly the result of improper handling this most precious "commodity". The damaged nature is often unable to remedy the increasingly damaging effects of humans, which is the result of misunderstanding the patterns and relations of the natural order. That, regardless of our views and state of knowledge, yet consistently operates all around us.

Pochybení člověkaIn the past, Austrian water genius and natural scientist Viktor Schauberger repeatedly warned against violations of the ancient times harmony and balance between the constructing and deconstructing powers of nature, especially in the context of the management of water. The lack of knowledge in this area is the cause of many errors in real life, which ultimately leads to weakening the water in its key role as a mediator of life.

Linear, often kilometers long pipelines of irregular shapes (profiles), retention tanks, pressure distribution, various chemical and physical water treatment with negative side effects, inadequate exposure to light and heat, the materials used for water distribution systems and packaging of bottled water, in extreme cases, even the transmitters of mobile phone signals located on reservoirs, etc. are sad examples of human misunderstanding of the principles of action of natural forces. Consider a common bad habit of installers who from mere ignorance, attach power lines or other electrical cables to the pipelines with drinking and industrial water.

We feel a strong urge to contribute to the remedy of these things. As a possible way to improve the condition of water at the point of consumption, we offer the opportunity to revitalize the water flow through the device which, at the last moment, brings back some of its natural abilities and qualities, and especially restores the natural vitality of water.

Pochybení člověka

In connection with the birth of good quality water, it is necessary to mention also the forest and soil management. No wonder they say that the forest is the cradle of water. Cradle in the sense that the shaded areas of the forest allow water to soak into the deeper layers of the earth where the water meets minerals and gas CO2. After having matured thoroughly in this underground circulation, the best drinking water is born on the surface in the form of a spring. It is usually rich in minerals as well as gases, mostly contained in water in the forms of bicarbonates. Moreover, its buffering ability allows ti to resist changes in pH in the body, especially the action of acidic substances, which is very important for the organism.

Pochybení člověka