Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Probably each of us has watched a flowing mountain stream. The kinetic energy of the flow continually refreshes its internal structure and increases the degree of orderliness in water. Proof of this are, among others, the measurements carried out jointly by prof. Forchheimer and Austrian water genius Viktor Schauberger, which showed that the naturally flowing water has maintained its high level of orderliness, low temperature, hence also buoyancy. Schauberger used these findings in rafting and his channels to float logs are still famous.

Voda a energieThe above story shows an example of how kinetic (motion) energy of the water flow can be transferred into potential (positional) energy of water molecules, which is subsequently used for the formation of more ordered structures of water - structuring. Conversely, an increased amount of heat energy from the sun leads to overheating of the water, increases the degree of disorder of its inner structure and decreases its buoyancy.

The use of water, which during its evolution under natural conditions is systematically going through the recovery process activating potential (position) energy of water molecules, directly contributes to the maintenance of internal order in a living organism, and thus it is possible to establish valuable structures and their preservation in time! Simultaneously, thereby increasing hydration and transport capacity of water, hence its cleansing and refreshing effect on the body!

Voda a energie

As reported by the British prof. Tom Stonier, the result of energy acting on matter can be either a higher rate of order or, conversely, its decomposition. Thus, either complex and stable or simpler and less complex structures and bonds are formed among the particles. Therefore the information content of water can be varied, it may either increase or decrease. Everything depends only on whether the energy transfer flows on a continuous cool path of interior remodeling and construction (reduction of entropy *) or warm through internal decay (increasing entropy *).
Remember that nature actively prevents overheating waterways by growing rich communities of diverse trees around them. Also the best healthy drinking water sources and springs bubble out to the surface especially in shady and cool places! Whenever the conditions on the Earth's surface change, for example by cutting down trees that shaded the spring, the spring yield gradually weakens and water quality decreases.

Entropy = the rate of system disorder

Voda a energie