Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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A healthy life starts with drinking good quality water.


Pitný režimWater is an essential component of the human body, which holds about two thirds of the total body weight. Assessing water in terms of its chemical composition and microbiology is insufficient for a comprehensive assessment of its quality. Physical, energetical and structural quality of the water is completely neglected.

Water that has been revitalized by AQUA SANATURA technology gains physical energy and vitality. This is then transferred through drinking regime to human body, where it increasingly supports all metabolic processes - processes of nutrition and detoxification. This is done in the form of drinking clean water or by preparing drinks or meals using revitalized water.


What benefits can be expected in the long-term use of revitalized water?

  • Higher efficiency of metabolic processes and physiological reactions in the body
  • Detoxification, internal detoxification - a thorough cleansing of the body of excess salt, biogenic conglomerates and other waste substances
  • Limitation of allergic reactions of the organism
  • Higher stability of organic biopolymers such as DNA, proteins, enzymes, etc.
  • Significantly more efficient use of irreplaceable food nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements - such as increasing the effectiveness of vitamin by tens of percent
  • In summary, all the previous factors - sufficient strength and energy for the body to cope with everyday duties

Drinking water can of course be adjusted both at home and also in companies for drinking regime of employees, medical facilities, public buildings, etc.

Pitný režimPitný režim

The model of quality drinking water is a healthy natural spring or fountain. Good water or well water intended for drinking should have a physical , energetical and structural quality, as well as balanced chemical composition, neutral to alkaline pH and enough bicarbonates. These are, more than the pH of the water itself, important for maintaining a stable pH of the internal environment of the organism (having a buffer effect, ie the ability to absorb potential acidity without major changes in pH of the orgasnism).

Pitný režimWe often get queries regarding the harmfulness of one or other substances that may be in the water used for drinking included whether the amount allowed by decree has been exceeded. We repeatedly watch the efforts of many people to provide the highest quality water for yourself and your loved ones. This is natural and completely understandable, but unfortunately it often happens with a lack of understanding of deeper connections and ultimately , despite the great efforts, does not achieve the desired objective. Many methods of chemical or ohysical water treatment currently used in practice (eg. the principle of reverse osmosis , ion exchange to soften water , nitrate removal , etc. , UV radiation , magnetic influence , etc. ) carry more or less negative impacts to structure of water. Little is known about these facts even among the professional public and thus in practice they are neglected or disregarded, respectively . For this reason, we consider it important to evaluate all available information in each case individually, not only with regard to the decree of drinking water, but also taking into account other important factors, search responsibly for the best solutions , with a primary focus on the benefit to consumers‘ health.



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