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       Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Generally it could be said that through revitalization the quality of water could get closer to the quality of natural springs and water streams.

Účinek revitalizaceThe immediate effect of technological revitalization of water through this specially designed device lies in the refreshment of the internal structure of water to activate all of its components* as would be the case normally in the natural water cycle not affected by people.

*Refreshment of the internal structure of water is understood as a regenerating process in which more stable molecular clusters of water (clusters) survived with only minor corrections, while the less stable structures are largely disintegrated into water molecules. These are then involved in the construction of new structures. This process takes place very quickly, of course, only its aftermath - the establishment of newly created structures - may take several hours. The number and type of substances dissolved in water also play a role in this process.

* By activation of especially mineral, but also colloidal and gaseous components of water, we understand a process in which particles of these substances are dispersed in an aqueous medium and absorbed by revived or newly formed structures of water molecules - the process of hydration. Strengthening the ability of hydration of water has been repeatedly demonstrated in independent laboratories and is one of the first signs of a successful revitalization.

In simplified terms it can be said that thanks to the revitalization the previously immature molecular structure of water could overcome an energy barrier that prevented them from their path to greater structuring. Consequently, together with dissolved substances they become more stable with all positive impacts on living organisms.

Účinek revitalizaceThese are some of the main impacts of revitalization of water on its quality:

  • An increased distribution of dissolved particles
  • Increased hydration of the particles and thus increase in their stability and aktivity
  • Higher degree of binding gaseous components with water
  • Slightly increased polarity of the aqueous environment
  • Higher order in the internal structure of water and aqueous solutions (↓ entropy)
  • Increased mobility of water verified in the survey by drip method
  • Lower propensity of water to multiply pathogenic microorganisms

You can read more about the benefits of these physico-chemical processes for the daily needs of water users in the section: WHERE WE HELP

The extent of the revitalizating effect and its impact on the final quality of water depends mainly on the type the equipment used and quality of incoming water. Other influences to be mentioned are water flow through the device and the time elapsed between revitalization and using the water, and possibly also the conditions of storage. In general, we recommend that you always use the water immediately after revitalization. This ensures the strongest influence of revitalized water on the human body, for drinking, bathing or usage in the production of food and other applications. If this is the device for the treatment of water in a swimming pool, we recommend a more or less continuous operation of the plant which will keep the water in the pool constantly fresh.