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       Reviving of water by a controlled water flow according to the principles of Viktor Schauberger



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Václav Černý


Holistic understanding and assessment of water quality is also a question of the development of human consciousness and cognition.

Direct laboratory methods in the exploration of the internal structure of liquid water are even today, at the beginning of the 21st century, mostly at the beginning . It was already verified that the main structural unit in which the water molecules are grouped and which they are stable at normal temperatures, is a regular icosahedron as was already mentioned by the ancient philosopher Plato. A routine practice in public health laboratories, however, has no method of evaluating the quality of water structures and their impact on the activity of the substances contained in the water, including the impact on living organisms . At times there even occur disputes about whether it is a matter so insignificant that it would not make sense to deal with it at all.

Hodnocení revitalizaceSince the structure of liquid water is a subject to constant rebuilding and restructuring, part of the old forms disappear and new ones are formed, it would seem pointless to look for a foothold or order determining nature of water. And yet we find a very clear and describable character in the waters that are very similar in terms of the content of dissolved substances which is typical for the water and given by its development . These are especially lively rhythm and agility with which the inner structure of water is constantly rebuilt in order to achieve the highest possible degree of stability and orderliness together with dissolved substances. Water is required to continuously cope with the conditions prevailing in the area.1

Just think of the dynamic equilibrium maintained in the human body. People constantly receive and exclude both the substance and information and formulate attitudes towards them - they must digest both lunch and an important message. This all unites both water and man, the dynamics of internal changes of revitalized water (its liveliness) plays one of the main roles (99% of all molecules of the human body is water)2.

Direct assessment of lively water mobility

An exceptional workplace in the worldwide context involved in issues of physical qualities of water particularly with regard to its flowing characteristics displayed in rhythmic transformations, is a small independent research institute with a 50-year-long tradition, located in the mountains of the Southern Schwarzwald near the border of Germany and Switzerland. Many researchers for several generations has been dealing with the question of good quality water. Over the years, numerous samples of water from different sources have been studied: spring water, pipeline water, healing mineral water, waterways and seas. You can learn more about the work of the institute and and the results of the research carried out on water treated by AQUA SANATURA® technology here.3

Traditional and alternative approaches to water

Even traditional worplaces focusing on characteristics of water can serve as valuable sources of information, although the methods used must be understood only as indirect methods in terms of dynamic studies of water structure. Alternative methods for evaluating the quality of water can eventually move into the category of conventional tests. Often this is done in the case of tests with living organisms. To find out more, see Laboratory tests.

1 It can be considered as a defeat and loss of vitality if the water must release some of its components (minerals, gas components, etc.) under the influence of external circumstances. Austrian genius of revitalized water Mr. Viktor Schauberger describes this process as losing the soul of water.

2 The evaluation method necessary for this purpose, however, has little in common with conventional water analysis because ti investigates water in motion in its lively development, not dead water in the evaporator of spectrophotometer.

3 Water: learn to understand it. Three reflections on the water. Sensibles Wasser. Sensible Chaos.